Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 Biggest Revelations from B.I.G.'s FBI Files

Pretty interesting piece from The Daily Beast. Seems like if the movie Notorious had explored the events following Big's death instead of rehashing old Source articles, it would've been more tolerable.

Here are a couple of interesting theories the writer suggests:
LAPD Officer David A. Mack, a suspect in the case, allegedly drove a 1995 black Chevrolet Impala SS with chrome wheels—matching the description of the shooter's car. When police searched his home, they reportedly found a shrine to Tupac Shakur in his garage, five 9mm guns—the same type of weapon used to kill Biggie—and a stash of Gecko 9mm ammunition (also the same type used to kill the victim). Gecko 9mm ammunition, a metal-piercing bullet, is manufactured in Europe and rarely used in the U.S. Mack was reportedly suspected of being a Mob Piru Blood gang member with ties to Death Row Records. However, according to FBI files, Mack allegedly "thwarted the murder investigation" when several other LAPD officers "began to show up as potentially being involved." Mack was released from prison on May 14, 2010, after serving a 14-year prison sentence for robbing $722,000 from a South Central Los Angeles branch of Bank of America. He has denied any involvement in Biggie Smalls's murder.

In April 2004, an informant claimed Tupac Shakur stated, "the west coast is [Shakur's] and that if 'Biggie,' who use to be a friend of Tupac's, ever comes out to the west coast, he will be gunned down." The informant also alleged that everything about the East Coast/West Coast rivalry was true, including that Tupac slept with Biggie's estranged wife, Faith Evans, and that Biggie had Tupac shot in New York. Evans has repeatedly denied having a sexual relationship with Tupac. At one point, the informant also claimed Tupac and his entourage approached a location where B.I.G. and his entourage were hanging out, bearing guns. The informant said they were told "not to shoot him," prompting Tupac to tell Biggie that if he ever came back to California, "he would be killed." The informant then attested that B.I.G. came out with the song "Going Back to Cali" immediately after Tupac was murdered, referring to their prior exchange.