Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Music: Jaafar- "Superstar" and "No Pressure"

About two years ago, I was introduced to a soul singer named Jaafar from Birmingham, Alabama. The short version of the story goes like this: I was in Soundshop at Westend (RIP) and my home girl Des Williams (aka That Retail Chick) was playing some jamming music that I hadn't heard before. I asked who it was. She told me it was an indie artist, some skinny dude from Alabama named Jaafar who had come into the store trying to get some product in there on consignment.

I continued doing what I was doing (shooting a short video for the old plantation). The next song came on, and it too was jamming super hard. I decided right there that I was going to buy this guy's CD, which was a major feat because at the time I hadn't bought an actual CD since like, 2000. That may be a lie. I actually had bought Adriana Evans and FE's LIAB. The point is, even before downloading became popular, I worked in the music store throughout college and later was a music journalist, so I had pretty much been getting free music on the regular since 1998. I'm not typically inclined to buy anything.

So I head to the counter and tell Des that I want to buy the CD. She looks at me really surprised, but says no, she'll give me a copy if I hit Jaafar's manager and let them know how much I'm digging the music. I do eventually hit Jaafar's manager and producer, get to talking with him and eventually set up an interview for him to be featured in Rolling Out. (Read the interview) During the course of the interview, Jaafar tells me that while he was doing promo at Centennial Olympic Park, a homeless dude comes up to him and tells him that everyone that hears his CD will buy it. Jaafar says that the homeless dude was right, every single person that he played the record for, bought it. I thought about the day I heard it in the music store, and how I was going to buy it. It gave me chills.

At any rate, that was a long, random story that maybe illustrates just how much I like this guy. His debut record, Travel Light is available for purchase. Here are a couple of songs off of his sophomore record Supernatural Love. I really love "No Pressure" and aside from the sorta-rapping on "Superstar" I dig it too. He definitely can tap into Kem's demographic.

Jaafar- "No Pressure" 

Jaafar- "Superstar"

And for kicks, here is the song that actually grabbed me initially.

Jaafar- "Can You Make Time" 

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