Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Saga Continues: Dallas Police Shoot Three Unarmed Men In Less Than a Month

Right on the heels of the obsurd two-year sentencing of Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who shot unarmed Oscar Grant III in the back, while he was handcuffed, the police are at it again---this time in Dallas.

Over the course of the past month, three unarmed men have been shot and killed by police officers.

Oct. 29th- Tony Menchaca was killed. Out of all of the shootings, this one appears to be the most "justified," though Menchaca was clearly suffering from mental issues. Menchaca said he had a weapon, and reached swiftly into his waistband. Five police officers then opened fire, learning after they had fired 23 times, that he was unarmed. The question here for me would be, why did they shoot him 23 times? I can understand why the reaction would be to shoot, but it seems like police training should include learning how to fire non-life threatening shots at a suspect--especially considering that these people are exactly that...suspects.

Oct. 13- A Plano man was killed accidentally during a drug investigation. The Dallas Morning News states: "One of the recent shootings, in which a Plano police sergeant killed a man Oct. 13 during a drug investigation as officers closed in to arrest him, was accidental, police have said. A grand jury reviewed the case but declined to take any action on it."

Oct. 9- Unarmed 25 year-old, Tobias Mackey, is shot and killed by police officers, prompting an outcry from civil rights organizations in Dallas. An 11 year-old boy was grazed during the shooting. The Rev. Ronald Wright of Justice Seekers of Texas told the Dallas Morning News: "They've got to stop killing African American men, unjustly. We want the police to police. The biggest gang problem right now in Dallas is not gangs, it's the Police Department, and that's scary."


Anonymous said...

T.D.J. INC.is conducting independant investigations into the Tobias Mackey shooting in the Cedar Garden complex, and we have found that the squad of Dallas Police ifficers working beat 4226 have been engaged in shakedowns, robberries, harrasment, and murder of citizens. The Dallas police dept. had no choice but to now open investigations into these allegations (that previously went undocumented). Even officers on the force have acknowledge complaints from citizens that went unaddressed. Now the question is was Tobias MaCKEY SILENCED because of dirt that he had on these officers?

Anonymous said...

TDJ Inc. is a front for the DPD.