Monday, November 8, 2010

Ode To...Jake One

Jake One is a beast. That said, here is an ode to his more recent endeavors.

Freeway "Escalators" (produced by Jake One)
Any producer that can make listen to an entire Freeway song is good with me. Anyone that can make me listen to an entire Freeway project is my new bestie. Not that I dislike Freeway, to the contrary, actually. But his voice can get a little nerve-wracking after 16, unfortunately. However, any time Free and Jake collaborate, I'm inclined to do nothing except bob my head in sheer delight.

Scarface- "High Note" (produced by Jake One)
I know Face has an actual video for this, however, I find it very disturbing and therefore, you will instead gaze at the Emeritus cover. Trust me, you're welcome.

Scarface-"Dope Man Music"
I literally ride to this 9 out of the 10 times that I get into my Dodge Neon. This track is ridiculous. I know I'm recognizing the talents of Jake One here, but: "It's all about the paper my nigga, fuck a struggle/we ain't dyin broke hopin to get it, that's why we hustle..." --recession music at it's finest.

Jake One featuring D Black- "God Like"
I really hate it when rappers refer to themselves as "God" or say things like "God like" as it refers to something as mundane as their "flow." Anywhoo, this sounds like something that Beanie Sigel would sound great over. As I've often lamented, he needs to let me pick his beats. If he did, he'd probably still be rapping.

Jake One-"I Glow" featuring Elzhi and Royce da 5'9
Aside from two of the best rappers alive being on this track, Jake exposes his west coast roots, much to my delight.

And on a completely separate, totally random note-- there is another dude with ONE in his name that consistently makes me click "listen" these days... DJ Burn One. Okay, the transition was corny, but I can't wait for his instrumental album, The Ashtray, to drop and not just because one of the songs, "Sharae's Charade" is named after your girl (Jacinta Sharae). *Here's hoping the extra cool title makes the cut.*

Freddie Gibbs featuring Pill- "Do Wrong"
It doesn't get much smoother than this. Burn One gets the vibe that Freddie Gibbs has managed to revive-- that early Suave House, T-Mixx, Mike Dean sound, and I love it.

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