Wednesday, October 6, 2010

T.I. on the Cover of Upscale Magazine

Yeah, so I'm a tad bit late with posting my own story, but let's just say I was pretty occupied throughout month of September. Staying in and out of the hospital, minor surgery (complete w/ complications), the whole nine. So posting wasn't high on my priority list. Funny how being sick, or in excruciating pain re-prioritizes things in your life.

At any rate, I ran across this earlier this morning. I guess they printed a double cover (still don't have a copy myself yet). The incredibly talented Hannibal Matthews took the pictures, which came out dope. This interview actually took place in mid-July...who knew that a few weeks later, shit would hit the fan... again? At any rate, I always love interviewing T.I. He's a pretty cool cat-- always answers questions, isn't afraid to be vulnerable and has always struck me as a genunine dude. It's unfortunate that he can't seem to get it together.

As I said, the interview was pretty cool and some of his family was even there. (His uncle was flirtatious and actually invited me to dinner. I politely declined since he's like 57, or something.). I don't think they ever publish the full story on Upscale's site for some unknown reason, so if you want to read the full article, you'd probably have to buy it, or read in the aisle of your neighborhood Walgreens or something.

Hope you dig it.

Read: T.I. Covers Upscale Magazine


boi-dan said...

Thats a pretty big story. Congratulations.

I've had complications with surgery before too, it's nothing nice. Stay up.

jacinta said...

i appreciate it...