Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black QBs...Still Black Listed?

Last night, I was watching Monday Night Football (until the Titans ran away with the game and I turned to see Cliff Lee and his faded hat beat the Yankees, yay!). I was watching Vince Young and David Gerrard (before they were injured) and got to thinking about Steve McNair--honestly, I hadn't thought about him in a minute, and felt bad about it. I wondered why his legacy isn't remembered more, even if he did die under terrible circumstances, it really doesn't have much to do with his great talent on the field.

Coincidentally, I woke up this morning to see that his wife has been awarded $2.5 million from his estate, since he apparently had no will at the time and his assets were therefore frozen this whole time. Anyways, the whole thing made me start thinking again about the plight of the black quarterback. I come from a football loving family, and most of the time, the women tend to root for the teams that have black QBs, and to a slightly lesser extent, black coaches. This year, the favored team by the women in the fam is the Redskins, mostly because they are so disgusted with the way that Philly treated Donovan, a franchise QB.

Anyways, Mike Tillery over at StartingFive wrote this great piece about the plight of black QBs last week, with a special emphasis being placed on Donovan and his incredible NFL career thus far, which still has yet to be properly acknowledged or respected. Sure, he hasn't won a Superbowl, but neither had Payton Manning when he was still being considered the best QB of all time. Tony freaking Romo gets more respect from media and analysts. It's sad.

Anyways, Mike makes some great points:
Despite the accomplishments of the aforementioned Moon and McNabb, do front offices, fans and media still view Black quarterbacks as running backs in the year 2010?

He goes on to question:
Does the trickle down effect of the current Black athlete quarterback narrative seep into the minds of veteran officials not used to seeing QB athleticism on the NFL level because of the narrative? Cunningham and Vick? Quarterbacks or running backs? Steve Young…quarterback or running back? John Elway…quarterback or running back?

See what he did there? Anyways, it's an interesting discussion. It's just sad that we are still having it in 2010.


samax said...

don't get me started... go, Redskins...

jacinta said...

I'm interested to see if Andy Reid is going to start Vick when he gets better...

samax said...

If Kalb (sp?) is playing well, I think they will stick with him. If he falters at all, Vick will get the nod.

Vick would be better off getting traded. People have seen that he's still got it, and Philly's fans and organization are a time bomb. They will turn on Vick the first chance they get.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right. Maybe Jacksonville or Carolina?

Whatever happened to Jason Campbell?

samax said...

I don't know. He was underrated too, I think.