Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ode to Mr. Mike

I recently had an epiphany. Mr. Mike needs a tribute. That said, here is my ode to Mr. Mike--one of the most unrecognized guys to come out of the south, but arguably one of the most subtly influential. I got to know Mike pretty well a few years ago, and even produced a few tracks for him. One of them is on my first release, The Other Side of the Game pt. 1. The other never was released. I don't have it on me at the current moment, but I will find it and post it, in case anyone cares to hear it. Anywhoo. Much love to Mr. Mike.

"All in My Mind"- Eightball & MJG feat. Southcircle
Good grief. Anybody who is still, in 2010, talking about how the south doesn't have "lyricism" needs to be shot after listening to this song. EVERYONE on this track snapped super hard.

"New Day"-One of my favorites off of South Circle's Anotha Day, Anotha Balla.

"Where Is Ya Love"- Clearly Mike was influenced by the west coast. Notice the random "west coast singer" who actually could not sing on the track. Why did the west coast always do that? Feature some terrible ass singer? Anyways, it jammed nevertheless.

"It's Yo Attitude"-I just remember writing Thorough's bio (one-half of South Circle) and finding out that this song was randomly featured on As the World Turns or something. Seriously, this was on a mainstream soap opera back in the day.

"Wicked Wayz" feat. Ice Cube- Probably Mike's most popular song. Back when rappers weren't comfortably-political (meaning socially conscious only when it's convenient).

"Kool-Aid"- Eightball & MJG-feat. South Circle- This was made around the time that I was hanging with Mike and Ro pretty tough--both of them decided to leave Atlanta shortly after this song was made though, and head back to Houston. Can't say that I blame them. Notice Mike crooning on the chorus. Dude can actually sing. Preacher's son and all that. Anyways, I thought this was going to help them make some kind of comeback, or you know, do something. But...yeah.

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