Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Joi on the Cover of Creative Loafing

This story was a long time coming. It was especially cool for me to write because I'm such a stan, er, FAN of Joi. She's super duper cool, plus her talent is for real, other-worldly. I've had a chance to check out her new music with Hot Heavy and Bad and no exaggerating, it's the certified shit.

She's an artist that re-invents the wheel every time she drops, for real. As a writer, she's the type of artist that inspires me to still want to write music, honestly. Not that I'm jocking or anything-- just saying.

At any rate, if you ever get a chance, make sure you get down to Pal's Lounge on Auburn and Bell to check her out for FREE every Saturday night, while the getting is good.

She will also be having a Creative Loafing Cover Party and will be debuting her video for "One" (which is dope as hell) on Thursday evening at 7:30 at Pal's Lounge.

Hope you enjoy the story.


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