Tuesday, August 10, 2010

iCarly=Child-Sized Soap Opera

The weekend before last I was hanging out with my little cousins at my Grandma's house in Kansas. Of course, because it's Kansas and was like 117 degrees outside (almost literally), they were hanging in the living room, watching TV.

Then it dawned on me. I know why these kids these days are so advanced.

They sit around watching soap operas all day.

Now, I admittedly watch some of the shows that come on Disney Channel and Nickleodeon--mostly because I'm always interested to see what they are feeding to our kids, and I have a three-year old niece who imitates everything she sees. It's from watching these shows, like Hannah Montana for instance, that I was able to give my brother and his wife an informed opinion about why the show is too old for her.

So anyways, the kids, aging from ranges 8-12 were totally engaged in the shows that came on-- namely, Hannah Montana and iCarly. Both shows have real people (apparently cartoons are dead). They have love interests. They have continuing story lines. Seriously, it's like Young and the Restless for the pre-teen set.

Of course, all of this soap-opera like drama is disguised by the overt slapstick comedy that all of the shows incorporate. In fact, the slapstick comedy is what makes the shows look totally harmless-- and also fails to engage most thinking adults, because their brand of "comedy" is just, well, atrociously, obnoxiously un-funny.

Watching the shows, made me think about what I was watching at that age. Really, I was reading Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club, which in all honesty, was kind of the same thing-- but better because I was like, actually reading. I'm not suggesting that the shows are inappropriate, only that the concept of them is, at the foundation, very grown. I mean, where are the X-Men cartoons when you need them?

Anyways, as I said, I now understand why these kids think the way that think, and then grow up to become stars on reality shows like the Hills or other ill-advised MTV reality shows. Sitting around watching soaps all day has never been healthy for anyone.

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