Friday, August 6, 2010

The 5 Best Female Singers On the Block

Folks are always complaining about the auto-tune, out-of-tune state of R&B/soul music. With that said, here are the four women (currently) that I think have the best vocals in the game.

1- Janelle Monae. She's number one on my list simple because of her vocal dexterity. The way that she's able to switch styles at the drop of a dime is crazy and her range is ridiculous. I've literally gotten the chills listening to her sing.

2. Yahzarah. Anyone who has seen Yahz live knows her vocal ability is other-worldly. She's probably the most vocally-limber singer I've heard, honestly, alongsie Janelle. Hell, anyone who can do justice to a Minnie Riperton ("Perfect Angel") cover deserves a standing ovation.

3. Amy Winehouse. Sure, she has an unhealthy addiction to narcotics, but good gracious, her voice is beautiful. Rich, textured... she's the certified shit. Praying for her comeback--I'd hate for her to go out like Janis Joplin.

4. LaToiya Williams.  She sounds really Aretha Franklin-ish/Fantasia-like, minus all of the unnecessary screaming. Her voice just melts into her tracks. Soulbounce says she's coming out with an album soon. Looking forward to that one.

5. Chrisette Michelle. Her vocal control is pretty impressive, especially because she's so young. I'm excited to see what she does as she gets older. Also, it would be nice if she could get with different producers and writers who can help her fully display her depth of talent.

Jazmine Sullivan
Melane Fiona
Carlitta Durand

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