Friday, July 30, 2010

New Music: "Ebony Essence"- Mykel

So people are always asking me about what new music I'm listening to. I'm sure I usually turn out to be a disappointment when I tell them, not much, then randomly mention Radiohead's Ok Computer.

But I have found a few artists here and there that capture my attention, one being singer/songwriter/guitarist, Mykel.

I first heard him on "Miss Atlanta" by Bobby Creekwater and was impressed. Then, I heard him live at the A3C Festival and was more impressed because he can actually sing. I ran into him at Sunset Lounge a couple of days later, yada-yada-yada...months later, I heard some new music and was super impressed. Dude is really dope.

Anyways, he's currently pushing his new single "Ebony Essence" (and this isn't even the dopest song that he sent me) so I thought I would post it for your listening pleasure. Be on the lookout for dude, he's really talented.

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