Saturday, July 24, 2010

The 6 Fashion Choices of Black Men in Atlanta

I was hanging out at Pal's Lounge the other night, having a great time at their karaoke event, when it dawned on me that there are exactly 6 ways that black man likes to look in Atlanta. I think I got a glimpse of all 6 while there. Lucky me.

1- Like Pill. This is the certified trap look, reserved for actual dope boys. No posers accepted.

2. Like the New Boyz. Reserved for all the hipsters or hipsters who don't want to be called hipsters or weekend hipsters or...whatever. If you're over 24 and you still look like this, you are probably single.

3. Like the 2010 version of Kanye West. This is what most business professionals/corporate yes-men/industry guys with a title have decided they enjoy looking like on the weekends or during after-hours. These guys are sorta gay, but possibly not. But...yeah. Mostly gay.

4. Like Saul Williams. This is the almost hipster, but not quite hipster look reserved for those who enjoy chewing on bamboo sticks and lecturing folks about the ills of hormone-infested, cloned beef, chicken and all other forms of meat.

5. Like Gucci Mane. The flashy dopeboy, "you may find me locked up in Fulton County on any given Sunday" look.

6. Like Killer Mike. This look is pretty much reserved for people who were actually raised in Atlanta. Folks from Adamsville (the westside) and Decatur (the eastside) are usually spotted in this uniform--Wrangler or Levi Jeans, Polo Shirt, Nikes or Adidas and an Atlanta cap (of any team as long as it's crispy and fashionable).

And that good folks, is the entire gambit of your blackness. The end.


JAMB said...

Damn, so true. might need a changed of wardrobe, i rock all six looks, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time.

Jazzy said...

So true for LA also!!!!