Friday, June 25, 2010

Is K-Rino the Best Rapper in Houston?

I was listening to Scarface's latest mixtape, and he has an interlude where he says that K-Rino is the best rapper in Houston. Funny, because I've been having the same thought--and ya'll know how much I love me some Face.

Dude is dope as hell, on some just super duper lyrical shit. Makes me remember why I even still listen to rap music.

Lately though, I've been riding to Blood Doctrine a lot, and have been coming to the inevitable conclusion that K-Rino is one of the best rappers out period. Think Pharoahe Monch's perception/story-telling, Scarface's cool, reflectiveness and Jay Elect's or Killer Mike's political/social/spiritual understanding.

 I was actually at a Jay Electronica show a few weeks ago, and he kept stopping the music to demand that everyone "listen!" to what he was saying!  I feel the same way about K-Rino. "Listen!" to the LYRICISM on these songs:

"Blood Doctrine"- Point: Don't fall victim to the world, society and the Matrix.

"The Debate"- Point: K-Rino cleverly debates (with himself) Creation vs. Evolution 
"Think of the per-fect celestial trajectory/ how things operate things operate successfully, with intricate detailed complexity..." 


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biggran said...

You can definitely hear Scarface's influence in his ryhme pattern and voice. Dude is super lyrical & he's dropping hella knowledge. Reminds me of '93-'97 hip hop. I could get into this.

samax said...