Friday, February 5, 2010

Life Advice from Devin the Dude

Ah, the never-ending joys of Devin the Dude. I was talking to my brother about how Devin pretty much has a song for every life circumstance.

Feeling bad about your finances? Circumstances? Throwing yourself a pity party? ... "Anythang"

"You ain't the only one who has ain't the only one who knows pain/Get up off your ass and just solve ' still got a chance to try to change (try the shit again)..."

Upset about unrequited love? Wonder why folk only want to come around when you're up, but ain't around when you're going through it (and probably need them the most)? Grant it, this is pretty vulgar, the the general point is well-taken... "Only Your Mother"

"Now you lookin for a shoulder to lean and bitch I sure hate it, cuz my shit is dislocated..."

True story. Someone recently told me that his vengeful ex used her key to come into his house while he was at work and took all of his blankets, dishes and the vacuum cleaner. She even stole... the doobie out of his ashtray... "Doobie Ashtray"

"Somebody had the nerve to take the herb out of the doobie ashtray, why they do me that way?"

Tryin to make some life decisions? First off, read Proverbs, seriously. But at the end of the day, you can't listen to anyone else. You're the one who lives and dies with your decisions.... "Do What You Wanna Do"
"Everybody's got elders and you should respect them, they've been through similar shit, but then again, you can't let them/ put their hands on your life like a remote control/have you traveling down the same bumpy tore up road..."

Talk about perspective.

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boi-dan said...

This almost sound like one of those Vibe one-page-pieces. Good job.