Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Reasons to Download Bobby Creekwater's Back to Briefcase 2

I have to motivate myself to download the onslaught of mixtapes that are out today. Hell, I just don't have the 5 and a half minutes it takes to do so, and my computer can only hold but so much. Beyond that, I only download stuff that I know I'm actually going to listen to for more than two days.

Rappers release mixtape, after mixtape, with no real regard for their product in attempts to obtain buzz, that rarely translates into sales or maybe more importantly, actual fans (That Retail Chick expounds on this regularly on her site). You artists should really put more value on your music---as Phonte told me in a recent interview, "It's better to have one project with 5 'really great' songs than a 22-track mixtape with 2 'really good songs', 4 'aiight songs,' 3'eh' songs..." If you put half as much effort into your music as you do posting about what cereal you're currently eating on Twitter, or how many blunts you smoked to get inspired to head to the studio, you might actually be memorable.

Anyways, it's with those thoughts in mind that I've decided to start posting the few mixtapes/eps/projects that I consider worth actually downloading.
So, first up, 5 Reasons to Download Bobby Creekwater's Back to Briefcase 2.

1. He sounds like an Atlanta rapper who was raised on the Dungeon Family should sound. If DF and Organized laid the blueprint, why is there so much crap emerging from a city that is chock-full of talented artists that were inspired by greatness? Creek sounds like he grew up under the tutelage of his "big brothers" from DF. And very randomly...where is Big Floaty?

2. He isn't rapping about dumb shit. Not only is he not a silly ass rapper, but he doesn't rap like a silly ass rapper either. "Money was the motivation, now it ain't...there I said it..." - Exhibit B.C, Squared.
3. He's inspiring without being a cornball. He took his name from the creek that ran behind his Grandma's old house because it had longevity. I dunno, I just thought that was cool. Ya'll know I love rappers that can relate to the working class, and aspire to see people do better without sounding all superior about it (see: Killer Mike, Bun B, Scarface, Playboy Tre).

4. He can rap his ass off. There's a reason why Eminem signed him and why he's been signed to like three different labels over the course of the decade. Like Novel, he's super talented, and I don't understand why execs still haven't figured out what to do with him. Oh well, independent is better anyway.
5. I don't feel like I need to be on acid to understand what the hell he's talking about. His music sounds like riding through East Point with the windows down on a warm, late Saturday afternoon.

"Lust For Life (Memix)"-

01. Intro
02. Boyz on the Block
03. October 19th 8:30
04. The Aroma
05. Lust For Life (Memix)
06. Warm Up
07. Invented Checks
08. Harder
09. Farewell
10. Wasted (Memix)
11. A World
12. Definition of Creek
13. Whatever You Want
14. Two Hundred Grand
15. I’m So Cool
16. Business Man
17. Outro

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