Friday, February 19, 2010

The 15 Levels of Your Tormented Break-Up (Which level are you on?)

Breaking up is hard to do...but music sure does make it easier, right? If you're going through it, figure out which level you're on...and try to get to Level 15 as quickly as possible.

Level 1- It seeps in slowly, but you gradually start to admit that maybe this isn’t right.

Algebra- "Halfway"

Level 2- After a lot of arguing (with yourself as well as your dude/girl), you know that it just isn’t going to work. You’re tired. But maybe…

Jill Scott- "Whenever You're Around"

Level 3- Oh yeah, nah. It’s definitely over.

Dion- "Let It Go"

Level 4- Pack your stuff and get out. Seriously, don't even take off your coat. Leave.

Foreign Exchange- "Valediction"

Level 5- Upon realizing this is really the end, the person you’ve been the most vulnerable with is no longer yours, you begin the painful fight with the inevitable.

Lauryn Hill- "Ex Factor"

Level 6- Especially if the lovin was really, really back-breakingly fantastic.

Teedra Moses- "Backstroke"

Level 7- You begin to mistake the throes of passion for the ability to have a long lasting relationship. You think missing your ex means you’re supposed to be with him/her. So, you try, again.

John Legend- "Again"

Level 8- Finally, you admit that it’s just not going to work. For real this time...

Duffy- "Warrick Avenue"

Level 9- ....Sigh. Aw, man. Seriously? Again? ….Again??

John Legend- "Another Again"
*Random side note: John Legend, who normally reminds me of a koala bear is ri-dic-u-lously sexy in this video. Like, good gracious. Especially the parts where he’s on the piano, playing all tortured-like. If you’re a hetero-female, you may be stuck here for a minute.

Level 10- Ok. It’s over now. Really. Being honest with yourself makes you mad. Actually, you’re downright bitter. It’s probably hard to be around you and your moping.

Amy Winehouse- "Love is a Losing Game"

Level 11- Despite your bitterness and anger toward your ex, you manage to nevertheless feel jealous when your old lover makes a new friend. You just can’t help it.

Erykah Badu- "Green Eyes"

Level 12- Will you ever feel…normal again? You wonder if you will ever be able to really love anyone else.

Anthony Hamilton- "Never Love Again"

Level 13- You mope and mope. Eventually, you get over yourself and start to realize that life isn’t over yet. Maybe someone else will love you better.

Joi-"Another Rocket"

Level 14- You accept that loving is the best part of life, even when it hurts. It affirms your humanity, it strengthens your soul, it revitalizes your outlook it…. yeah.

India.Arie- "Good Morning"

Level 15- Finally, you believe, once again, that you’re going to find your human version of “the truth.” And this time, it just might work.

Anthony Hamilton-"The Truth"

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