Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Independents Rising: The Foreign Exchange on Their "Daykeeper" Grammy Nomination

When I first heard that Foreign Exchange had been nominated for a Grammy for one of my favorite songs of the decade (seriously) "Daykeeper" featuring Musinah, I was excited.

Of course, I was glad that a great song was recognized- but more importantly, that an independent group snagged a Grammy nomination. Hell, their nomination sort of hails a new day. Independent groups/artists have a chance, without compromising their art and integrity.

FE had no Interscope or Def Jam machine behind them. No Viacom. No Radio One. No DJ-rubber-stamped mixtapes. What FE did have, however, was beautiful music, a few great videos and an engaging stage show (that did not, I might add, include any piro-technics or back-up dancers).

Now, they're not the first indie group/artist to be recognized by the Grammys. Last year, I interviewed DC-based singer, Wayna. She was nominated in the same catagory. Nevertheless, FE's nomination, in my mind, speaks of a new day.

Independents can make music, not compromise their art and be recognized by the most presigious awards show in the business. Grant it, the Grammys miss the mark routinely (how on earth did Beyonce's paper thin Sasha Fierce earn 10 nods?) but as an artist you'd be lying if you said a Grammy nom/win wouldn't be one of the pinnacles of your career.

At any rate, congrats to Phonte & Nicolay. Check out their Grammy-inspired video below (directed by Matt Koza).

Foreign Exchange- "Daykeeper" feat. Musinah


The Foreign Exchange's Grammy nomination video from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

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