Friday, November 20, 2009

Formidable Female Emcees

Per your requests, here is a quickie list of formidable female emcees. Notice how I did not say, "femcees"? I hate that word, even though I've used in a few articles myself, admittedly. For one, an emcee is an emcee... period. If you say femcee, why not say mancee? Because "mancee" sounds retarded. And so does "femcee."

Anyhoo. This is a quickie list (emphasis on quick). Everyone on here isn't super polished, some have indie deals, others are doing it solo-dolo. Also, please note that all of these women are not under 25. Guess what industry people? You don't have to be under 25 to rap and be a female. Hell, if dudes can get on at 36 (Plies, Rick Ross) and still be rapping at like, 53 (Jay-Z, Young Jeezy) then why can't women?

But yeah, please feel free to add to this short list if you sponosor a dope ass female rapper....

Eternia- She's super dope. Dope flow, good storytelling... just dope.
Check out: "Nowhere No More," "Bang"

Boog Brown- I first really heard her go on "Midwest Kidz" after my homie Small Eyez (also featured on the song) sent it to me. She killed it. Been diggin her ever since. She's a really, really great, introspective writer, and flow is ill. She may be my favorite listed.
Check Out: "The Mirror," "Midwest Kidz Rmx"

Miki Vale- Found her on Myspace back in the day and have been following her ever since. Has a good following, especially out in Cali. Nice flow, great writer...
Check Out: "Bringitback"

Brittany Street- Back when I was music editor at Rolling Out it seemed like she was featured at least once a month, mostly because our Chicago editor (Gavin Godfrey) at the time was in love with her. She's diverse, ain't afraid to be a girl and still spits.
Check Out: "Gone"

Toni Hickman- A little biased here maybe, because I've worked with her a few times. But Toni is dope, formerly signed to Suave House. Very point blank style, street intelligent music.
Check Out: "Obstacles"

Jboogie aka Lois Lane- Yes, that's me.


Nanci O said...

Speaking of Miki Vale I gotta add Kandi Cole.
Most of The (SIS)Tem came to our Women Of Hip Hop radio/honors/concert event back in March 09. They bought much Cali flava & just about shut the show down.

Oh yeah NC's Shelly B goes hard too!

Nanci O

Anonymous said...

Troublesum should be mentioned she's holding it down for the South. The BIGGEST underground female rap artist out her out!!



Anonymous said...

eternia & brittany street . flow is siiick . nice to know females are doinn it bigger then the men.

Emily said...

AMANDA BLANK outta song from her and my life was never the same