Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Slaughterhouse at the Loft in Atlanta

Slaughterhouse at the Loft in Atlanta (plus Killer Mike/Mike Bigga)

My first thought when I walked into the Slaughterhouse show at the Loft in Atlanta, was 'damn, where is everyone'? I came late, (and actually missed my boy, Small Eyez) and the crowd was still pretty thin. For a city full of so-called hip-hop heads who yearn for the days of yesteryear when rappers put aside their ice dreams for bonefide lyricism, the place sure was empty.

"See, Atlanta people are full of shit," one of my boys told me, frowning. "This is a "real" hip-hop show and ain't nobody here. I don't see none of them Apache niggaz here... where they at? I don't want to hear anyone talking shit about Gucci Mane and OJ. They don't even support when they have real hip-hop here."

Dude clearly had a point. Although the room got a little thicker by the time Slaughterhouse went on, I still was disappointed in the lack of support. I don't know. Maybe people were all "concert-ed" out after seeing Goodie Mob rock last week. Eh. On to my thoughts on about the show...

Things I learned at the SH show:

1. Joey is amusing. Granted, most folks have a hard time this guy seriously, and hell, we all know why. But damned if he ain't funny. His first act of amusement came unintentionally, when he took off his shirt. Now, I'm all for dudes taking off their shirts and whatnot, but not dudes with birdchests. About 10 minutes into his set, Joey decided it was "hot than a muthafucka" and stripped. Um, hee. But seriously, his sarcastic comments and banter with Crooked and Royce was pretty amusing.

2. Killer Mike was called to preach. "They ask me why I'm rapping, tell me I'm called to preach/I smile, and kiss them on they honey brown cheek..."-"God In the Building"

Anyone who has ever seen Killer Mike, er, Mike Bigga, perform knows he has the ability to make you reassess your life. And not in a preachy, naggy, generic-Creflo Dolla kind of way. The dude really cares about your existence and progress, which is why he chooses to forgo the bullshit and get straight to the point. As he told the audience at one point, "fuck that backpack shit, this is real music..." He later informed them that he is really rapping about their life... fuck a Benz. Word, Mike. Word.

Now some people have suggested that Mike should've been part of Slaughterhouse, so that the south could be properly represented. While he certainly has the lyrical capability to join the group and the south should have been represented properly--honestly, I think his message is too hardcore for the group. He's too gritty-political, honestly. While SH isn't on bullshit either, to be honest, they're not as deep as Mike. Before you think I'm just illogically on dude's jock, think about it. There's a difference between reigning lyrically and having a powerful message that just happens to be lyrical as well. Dig? At any rate, my super group would be something like: Killer Mike (Mike Bigga), Bobby Creekwater, Pharoahe Monch and like Ras Kass (if he can stay out of jail).

3. Crooked I doesn't remember his raps. While under ordinary circumstances this would've annoyed me, it was actually hella funny. Apparently he never remembers his rhymes. In fact, when they did their little solo sets, he couldn't remember the words. I guess he may have felt bad about it, because when they closed the show with "One" he jumped down into the crowd and rapped his way back on stage. Dude rocks. Also, lest we forget, Crooked was one of the first dudes to really properly utilize the Internet to boost his career w/ his weekly rhyme series. That was random, but I'm just saying.

4. Women are scarce. I was talking about this on Twitter, wondering if there were going to be any women at the show. Of course, I knew there wouldn't be, but I kept my fingers crossed anyway. It's not like chicks don't dig hip-hop. Before Drake became the annoying-rapper-that-bloggers-incessantly-name-drop-for-hits they packed the Loft and screamed their little hearts out for him. (They also offered him sex after hearing him "croon" "Best I Ever Had" and apparently believing he was somehow talking directly to them, but that's another story.) Anyhoo, the point is, where are the ladies? I mean, SH is full of relatively attractive guys. Aside from Joey's bird-chest, he's cute. So is Royce, Crooked and Joell. I mean, even if you don't like hip-hop, you can just go to watch the action-- sorta like chicks who couldn't tell a lay-up from a jumper, but enjoy seeing Dwayne, CP3 and Lebron sweat.

Aaaaaand ladies, guess what? The dudes at "real" hip-hop shows won't make you feel uncomfortable. They won't be a nuisance because "real" hip-hop heads respect ladies. Or at least they like to pretend as if they do. Example: They'll look intently at your ass, but won't grab it unless you make a request. So don't be afraid. Hip Hop desperately needs us, trust me.

Bottom line: All in all, this was a good show that's worth seeing if it comes to a town near you.
Jacinta's Grade: B

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No photos? You!! Just kidding.

I don't know if I'd like a hiphop show with an artist who can't remember his own words. That sounds kinda wack.