Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 VMAs: What in Sam's (or Viacom's) Hell?

Okay, so, the VMAs were last night. Those that read me know that's not the kind of thing I typically talk about here, seeing as how the VMAs have sucked for the past... what? Like 8 years? Also, I'm over 16 and MTV just doesn't do much for me any more.

But since there was so much drama attached to last night's show (maybe moreso than even Jay Cutler's atrocious performance for Chicago), I felt inclined to comment on a few things.

First... the hell is going on? Is it me, or did that entire show (well, what I caught of it between flipping back and forth between the game) seem... off? Strange? Forced? Weird? Creepy? I mean, it opened great, with a moving speech from Madonna and an angry, dope ass performance from Janet Jackson. Then... all hell (literally) broke loose.

1. Kanye's "Disruption". Um, first off, I'm inclined to side with Davey D on this one. Shit looked staged. From the randomness of the "outburst" to the fact that Taylor was conveniently backstage when Beyonce so graciously gave her an opportunity to re-do her lame ass speech for the lame ass award she won. Shit, they were even dressed alike. I thought the artists weren't supposed to know who's going to win. If that's the case, why would Taylor have even still been backstage, seeing as how Bey shouldn't have even known that she was going to win?

Even if it wasn't planned, like seriously, it's not that damn deep. Taylor Swift's 25 year-old self (I don't care what ya'll say, 19 my ass) is not a martyr people. Hell, people are still talking about her corny win today-- all because of Kanye.

Not only that, but why are people all surprised and disappointed at Kanye if the stunt was legit? He's been inappropriate for years. Doing inappropriate, gay shit is hardly out of character for dude. I'm just sayin.

2. Lady Gaga's blood. The hell? I dig her music. But what in the hell is she doing? And more importantly, why the hell are ya'll buying into the whole crazed, "artistic" thing she's trying to pull off? She's like a horrible mixture of Grace Jones and Madonna. Difference is, Grace Jones and Madonna earned their weird creativity stripes with more than one song and one strange ass, borderline demonic performance. And before you get all sensitive, like, I get what she was doing. I understand the point she was making. The shit was still creepy and weird as shit. Sorry. Media vultures? I could dig the blood in the eye and dying and wheelchairs if were for an actual cause. But being bullied by the media? Um, unless your name is Michael Jackson, get over yourself already.

3. Pink's trapeze act. She must've practiced the hell out of that. I'll give her that. But seriously, sometimes just plain ole singing does the trick. I do not need to see your ass flipping and swinging through the air to enjoy your performance. See: Alicia Keys.

4. Jack Black prays to Satan. Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all was the fact that Jack Black jokingly prayed to the devil. Okay, read that again. The dude literally Is that funny to ya'll? Seriously? Did you snicker? Did you LOL? Too far, ya'll. Too far.
Bottom line: MTV has gone straight to hell.


Emile Cambry said...

Good blog post! I definitely feel you, especially with the whole staged Kanye fiasco. Is it really that serious? And the small chance that it was real, why should we all be surprised and outraged?

boi-dan said...

The real T.Swift::