Monday, July 20, 2009

Spree Wilson "Word" produced by No I.D.

Ok, so this my lil homie, Spree Wilson's new video, "Word." Oh yeah, No ID on the track. Kinda weird, because like I said, Spree really is the homie, and this guy is soooo outta here. Give him a year, tops. Seriously.

Actually, Spree gave me a copy of his "demo" almost 2 months ago. Because we're cool beyond music, it honestly took me about 2 weeks to listen to it thoroughly. I was driving to Destin, FL from Atlanta with my mom, two year old neice and reltaively musically un-hip sister in law in tow. After about an hour of listening to XM radio, which seriously SUCKS, I remembered I had Spree's "demo." I popped it in...

Everyone loved it.

And trust me, I'm not just saying that because we're cool. He produced most of it and the production is big and wide open. He's rapping, but he's also singing, on some alternative sounding vibe that doesn't sound forced. Think Bobby Ray if he were more developed. (Spree also plays guitar). Anyways, his work really is pretty damn incredible. I'm just glad other folk are starting to get hip.

Go to to vote for his video on MTVU. He's nominated as a cool Freshman (or something).

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Monk said...

I like the video a lot...the song is cool. I'm proud of Spree!!