Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Krizz Kaliko "Misunderstood" (Strange Music)

Been a fan of TechN9ne for ages--he too hails from KS (the birthplace of yours truly). Something "strange" in the water there apparently-- Janelle Monae is from there as well. I have to say, though, I've been a generic fan. You know, the fan that KNOWS a rapper can really rhyme, but doesn't like actually like, regularly bump any said rapper's music?

But yeah, Krizz Kaliko is Tech's rhyming partner a la Red & Meth or David Banner and Kamikaze (back when David Banner was actually good.) He's a very strange looking character. But, damn if this song, "Misunderstood" ain't jelly jamming. Feel like I'm about to purchase his Genius album and give it a whirl.

Anyhoo, spotted this video over at MauriceGarland.com and suffice to say, this hits way too close to home. Let me stop before I get to baring my soul and whatnot.

At any rate, go 'head and marinate on this for a minute.


boidan said...

"Something "strange" in the water there apparently-- Janelle Monae is from there as well."

LOL, well damn. I'd say Janelle is more unique than strange. But I've heard from some KCMO folks about KCK & KS folks being crazy. But I think the whole Midwest is on some other sh!t. As soon as you hit the midwest the rednecks turn to hicks, and other distinctiveness-ness-ness

jacinta said...

hahah i love janelle monae, but she is a little strange. which is great, in a trendy ass world/industry.

yes, the Midwest is on some other ish... maybe cabin fever?