Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sugar Hill's Last Jam

Sugar Hill had it's Last Jam (in it's current location anyway) last night. Some of the people who really define Atlanta's music scene hit the stage-- from Phillipia, Anthony David and Malachi to members of Jaspects and Avery Sunshine. And of course, the ever-fly, Joi.


Phenomenal writer/tastemaker/cool guy, Maurice Garland of, singer/songwriter (and all around homie), Scar was also in the building, along with Bem Joiner, Jabari Graham, Jason Orr, DJ Rasta Root and DJ Salahananse, Dres the Beatnik, Ronda Penrice, Branden J. Peters, Henny of Tha Bizness, Tuki, Dreamer and Luv Crusader from Hollyweerd, James E. King and Dwayne Duggers from Jaspects, Senor Kaos, Marco and Marvell from Marcos Pita/Marcos After Dark and way more.

I didn't get there until late-- I think around 12 or so. But the energy there was electric. Really fun times. I'll miss Sugar Hill at Underground. But I sure as hell won't miss that $2 entry fee to enter the complex or trekking for 5 miles because there's no legit parking. I think that's part of the reason why they're moving. Anyhow, much future success to J. Carter, Freddy Luster and Richard Dunn-- three of the coolest dudes in the business, seriously.

Anyhoo. I'll be posting more pictures very soon. In the meantime....


Phillipia and Joi
Scar and J. Carter
Keisha Jackson
Anthony David

Freddy Luster

*****MORE PICTURES*******

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