Friday, April 17, 2009

Run DMC Honored at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Interesting video on Run DMC's induction:

Here's another cool piece about how Jay-Z and Eminem essentially dissed the rap acts that have been inducted. Bottom line: Hip Hop can be too cool for it's own good.

Sample: "Run-D.M.C. became the second hip-hop act ever inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. World-renowned Detroit MC, Eminem, took the stage to induct them (despite the protests of many fans who felt there were a host of other notables more suited for the occasion). The erstwhile Slim Shady gave a fitting tribute to the Kings from Queens, decked out in vintage Run-D.M.C. black fedora and lace-less adidas. But Eminem didn’t take the time to speak to the media about the legendary trio — not beforehand, during the show’s red carpet, or afterwards in the pressroom...."

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