Friday, February 20, 2009

Royal Flush Get Ready for the Grammys (Video)

So, I was in LA for Grammy weekend. It was fun mostly... even though I pulled a Tribe Called Quest and Left (read "lost") my Wallet in El Segundo. Really. It was tragic. Luckily, I travel with my SS card and my birth certificate (yes, I'm prone for identity theft) so my lost ID didn't stop me from getting on a plane back to the A. It did, however, cause one of the gay security guards to frisk me and touch me in appropriate places. Like really. What's the point in not allowing men to frisk women if you allow gay women to frisk other women? Isn't that the same principle?

Anyways. While I was in LA, I hooked up with my folks, Jeron and Rick of Royal Flush. They are the producers behind what was my absolute favorite song last year-- "Royal Flush" by Big Boi featuring Andre 3000 and Raekwon. This is a cute/cool little video we did of them getting ready for their big night. I actually caught some flack from the job because people don't know who they are. Forget that. Ya'll will.

Anyways, hope you dig as much as I enjoyed hanging with them. Pass it on and prove my job wrong.

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