Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gorilla Zoe- Don't Feed the Animals Listening Party

Gorilla Zoe had his listening party for his new project, Don't Feed the Animals last night at the Atlanta Zoo-- literally. It was in the Gorilla Consortium. Pretty cool idea if you ask me. It's funny, because it seems that there is literally no part of Atlanta that has been untouched by the industry. Even the animals enjoy rappers these days. At any rate, Block Entertainment (hi, Rico and Angie!) came up with an experience for folks with this one.

Zoe's album doesn't sound too bad either. Actually, his single, "Lost" jams hard. I dig the songs where he's rap-sing (rapping and singing) the best. It seems like when he let's himself go and really get into creative mode he comes up w/ the best stuff (i.e. "Echo"). Thing is, since he's Gorilla Zoe, it may be harder for his core fans to digest when he gets all international-pop sounding on folks. I think it works though, and if he continues in that direction, he could be a bigger star.

Anyhoo. Here are a few pics I got before I got lazy and stopped taking them :-).

I interviewed Zoe last week, and when the videographer suggested that he go get his jewelry to show it off for the cameras, he tiredly waved him off like, "Man, f-ck that sh-t. That sh-t don't mean nothin'." But he brought it out for this event.

The Gorilla picture on the wall....

'That Retail Chick' Desiree Williams (holler at her at SoundShop/Westend) and Senor Kaos. (Bem Joiner and writer, DeMarco Williams' wife, Zena, make cameos in the background. )


SeƱor Kaos said...

I Doo Doo, I Poo Poo... LOL

Zoe is Wilding!!!

jacinta said...

yeah, man. that's was.... um. yeah.