Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everybody Knows- John Legend (written by Scar)

My good friend Scar wrote this song. And I love it, even though it's pretty depressing.

Anywhoo, see him with Janelle Monae in this pic (before she turned all neo-equestrian?). I think this is from a shoot they did with GRIP (RIP) back in the day. Remember back when Purple Ribbon was poised to be what Grand Hustle now is? They had Killer Mike, Scar and Janelle Monae. Great ensemble. Now, the torch has been passed to GH. Let's hope they have the wherewithall to make the label what it should be-- the most exciting indie imprint in music.


FireBrand said...

artists signing to artists is always a crapshoot. And that's saying something in a hit or miss industry.

Monk said...

Am I the only one sick of John Legend?? I never was really a fan, but something about the dude really irks me for some reason.

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

Yes, you are the only one sick of John Legend.