Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why is Biggie's Son On "One More Chance"?

Question... why is Biggie's pubescent son rapping on "One More Chance"? Dude, could you be any more inappropriate? I was listening to this Notorious soundtrack last week and one of the "remixes" on there (code for: ain't new shit on the album except a couple of very raw demos that helped get him signed) featured Christopher Wallace, Jr. Cute concept. Dumb song to put the little guy on. "Juicy" anyone? "Sky is the Limit"?

I know Big didn't really have a plethora of wholesome, uplifting or even appropriate songs for kids to rap along to. In fact, if you ask me Biggie should be getting thrown into the new 15 years later (insert person) is overrated-- like Pac now is. At least Pac usually had some kind of underlying point to his rants. Yeah, he may not have been as good of a lyricist as Big, but so what? I find myself enjoying artists who have something relevant to say that makes me think about things in a new way, or just think about things period than someone who can just put words together nicely. Now, should you have the ability to merge two together, then you're probably really phenomenal (Ras Kass pre-jail time, Andre Benjamin...).

Anyways, the bottom line is, it was dumb to put the little kid on "One More Chance." And well, a little disturbing.


FireBrand said...

I know for some it's sacrilege to say, but I think Tupac's songs hold up better over time than Biggie's.


And I'm from Brooklyn.

what? After Ready to Die there were few tracks that "moved" me. Then again, I'm the guy that isn't a big Jay-Z fan either. Boring stuff.

Monk said...

I disagree...it wasn't "dumb" to put him on that particular record. It was VERY DUMB!!

Mz.Entertainment said...

Whoever wrote this wannabe "gossip" article needs to brush up on their Hip-Hop knowledge. How can any great emcee be "overrated"? Maybe this writer should find another gig.

NOTORIOUS the movie was very good. It's interesting to see from Ms. Wallace's perspective.

The dude who played BIG and the chick who plays Faith were great in this movie...looking forward to seeing more of them.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge 2Pac fan. I hate the way he became so pop and commercial in the last few years, probably due to the fact that he has no input on the way he is produced and portrayed these days (obviously because he is dead~). But being made commercial means being made popular, and when people hear 'pacs life' featuring Ashanti some of them feel to go and hear other 2Pac material leading them to the early 2Pac when he was alive ultimately creating another 2Pac fan which is good because it means they have learnt about what he stood for and the real meaning behind his music.

Biggie is not over -rated.He is completely unique to any other hip-hop recording artists, and his way with word is what makes him a legend in music. 'Juicy' is just as important as 'Brenda's got a Baby' in hip-hop.

They put Biggies son, CJ, on this record because it is one of the only records that have both his mother and his father performing. It isn't just a duet with his Dad, it's the whole family. Thats what makes it such a touching piece.


Stephwoegs said...

You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Notorious was a bad ass movie, and both Pac and Big are the best emcees that ever rapped. They are not overrated, and while I understand how you think it was inappropriate to put him in that song, if your father was shot and killed, you didn't know him, wouldn't you know every single song that was ever made by him?Even if it were my kids I would allow it, at least they get to hear his voice. Overrated my ass.