Friday, January 30, 2009

Joi- Missing You

I've been on this song hard for the past week or so. Man, this jammed. Joi is so underrated-- and not in the generic way that people try to apply the term to their favorite artist who is not really underrated, but actually is just not that good. I remember when this song came out, everyone thought she was bi because of that "I'll keep my legs together cuz you do it betta!...betta than them other girls and boys..." Anyways.

Joi was way ahead of her time. Like seriously. It really sucks, because she's so phenomenally talented. If you've never seen her live, you really should make an effort to do so. I remember my early years in Atlanta, back when Funk Jazz was all the rage. There was this chick on stage (who was a little weird, but super fly nonetheless) meowing, literally. For years that was the opening to her show, she'd, "meow! meow! meow!" all sing-songy. and then tell women to get their own steez and stop jocking hers. It sounds retarded the way I've just rehashed it, but it really was dope as hell. Anyways. That's when I got hip to Joi. I was new to Atlanta and she really emboddied what the city's culture was at the time for me. Or what it could be.

Then I remember when Tennessee Slim is the Bomb came out. I still have my burned CD, which was hand-written on by Joi, because we were doing an early review for Upscale. All the women out there who get all inspired and start feeling all pseudo-sassy while listening to Beyonce need to see how it is really done.


Anyways, Joi is great. I can't wait for another album.


Monk said...

Wow!! "Missing You" was the shyt!! I still have some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot. It's funny that you mentioned Joi though because I JUST had a convo talking "Lick". I really think it's one of the greatest songs of that era.

FireBrand said...

Missing you is one of my favorite soul songs of the modern era. The version on Raphael Saadiq's live album is incredible.

She's great live, btw.

When she plays everybody should try to support as much as you can.

Waves said...

Yeah, Joi has hosted every time I went to Sugar Hill(I LOVE live music). She seems to be quite talented, and unfortunately she will probably never get her recognition. Thats a sad story told over and over again unfortunately...

Woo said...

Love Missing You - I love Joi, I tell her every time I see her. Classic song which shows her range. "I even fried that chicken you like" classic

Chuck Woo
Earwax Digital

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

@chuck.. that was a classic line. what man don't like a good piece of fried chicken? especially when you can smell it through the open windows, wafting in the breeze...?