Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oscar Grant III: Guess There's Some Things Even Obama Can't Change

This, in a nutshell is the story of the murder of 22 year-old, Oscar Grant III:

1. Oscar Grant III is detained by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) cops
2. Oscar Grant III is physically abused by BART cops, while he is still handcuffed
3. Out of nowhere, one cop pulls out a gun, and shoots Oscar Grant III (a 22 year-old father) in the back
4. Oscar Grant III was in handcuffs and unarmed when he was shot. He later died.
5. Said cop says he meant to use his taser gun, not his real gun.

Here is the video:

It took me a minute to post on this one. Ya'll know how sensitive I am when it comes to trigger happy, fascist cops. But this shit takes the cake. And well, I think it's time we all burn some shit down. I mean, the cop meant to use his taser gun? The hell? Are we really that stupid? And further more, what were you doing tasing an unarmed, handcuffed man in the first place?

I repeat. We need to burn some shit down. That's what seems to get people's attention.

Now, I know that sounds "ignorant." I know it doesn't sound progressive and I know that we have to be careful now that we have a black man in the white house and everything we say and do will somehow, in a roundabout way, end up being applied to him. But honestly, I don't give a hot damn. We need a revolt.

I mean, really. This Oscar Grant III case didn't even really make national headlines like that until the people started rioting and setting Honda Accords on fire in the streets of Oakland. Now, do I endorse vandalism? No. But in this case, yes. Hell, if it means that the police--- freakin TRANSIT COPS at that, will stop shooting innocent, unarmed black men in front of a mass amount of people then BURN MY NEON UP! I'll give you the damn lighter, matter of fact.

I don't know ya'll. Revolutions never come without violence. Ain't that what Malcolm said? Ain't that the truth?

Back in the 70s, when we were heavy in the streets fighting for our civil rights and what not, black business owners used to hang signs in their windows that said "Black Owned Business" so that the protesters would skip their spot. And guess what ya'll? They did.

Again, I'm not endorsing senseless violence. I dig the hopeful, happy, smart-reaction Obama vibe we've been on for the past few months. But even with the inauguration days away, young black men are still being murdered by the law. I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon... no matter how much magical "change" is in the air these days. We gotta do something. Jerry McGuire said... who's coming with me?

(P.S. I was trying to be sort of light and humorous in this posting to keep from crying. I literally had to walk out of the plantation earlier today after interviewing Mistah Fab about this. I keep thinking, that could've been either one of my brothers. Any of my cousins. One of my friends. It's sick. It has to


boi-dan said...

You are very passionate. You should really visit this Nat'l African American Student Leadership Conference ( Its more than likely too late for this year, but when you do go, you'll thank me, its a good think thank and you'll never see as many like-minded and enlightened black folk in your life. Trust me, its really eye-opening... 100's of true-to-the-game red, black and greeners from the old to the young...

boi-dan said...

*think tank*