Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can the Women Get a Turn Now?

So now that all the dudes seem to be tired of rapping, does that mean that the lane is open for women?

I mean, everyday there's some new rapper claiming that rap is over and they are going to be doing something "new" and "creative." Mostly, that just means that they are going to abuse auto-tunes really badly over a generic alternative rock track.

You have Weezy and his rock album, the Rebirth.

You have Kanye and the Revolution.

You have Face saying he's ain't rapping no more.

So, since they are tired, I think it's only fitting that they pass the reins over to the women. After all, female rappers haven't even really had the opportunity to become overexposed and bored with their music. Remember the early-mid 90s? Remember what hip-hop sounded like then? When some rappers had some mainstream success, but by and large most cats were still flying under Viacom the radar? That's where women are now. So by those standards, the bulk of the women who will emerge should be pretty dope, right?

With that said, as sad as I am about Scarface supposedly leaving the game and as much as my ears hurt listening to Weezie's "Prom Queen," they can stay where they are. Let the ladies get a little shine, is all I'm sayin.


Nanci O said...

hey we're doing the women of hip hop radio, honors, concert & afterparty in raleigh, NC in march.

ive been doing a women in hip hop radio special for the past 3 years and i know for a fact there are tons of femcees on the undergound/indie scene putting in work.

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

What's up! What are the dates of your event? I might try to make it down there...

Nanci O said...

thursday march 5, 2009 is the radio special

saturday march 14, 2009 is the concert/honors/afterparty. ive been doing the women in hip hop radio special for the past 3 years. the feedback has always been positive so im excited about taking the radio special and buidling to another level.

i remember reading on your site last year that you were on a panel in the A @ females in the industry. do you know if that event is taking place again this year?

FireBrand said...

We need women with skillz allowed to get some shine.
There are a few out there that get a bit of love but it seems like ladies that show a little leg or a lot of ass get more play and it just sours so many people on women in Hip hop as if one artist speaks for them all.

I like that Hip Hop is expanding. I'm embarrassed that it has constricted it's inclusivity to exclude the sisters.

That said, Invincible bores me. Jean Grae also bores me more often than not.

I don't need a lady to remind me she's 'real' by doing throwback music or rocking with the gruff voice.

Where are the Female Blu's and Lupe's? Anyjul is dope. I LOVE her stuff. Stahrr is also dope.

Anonymous said...

I believe that it is cool for women to get some. But in hip-hop? In rap?

I feel that it is HARDER for women to make because the majority of hip-hop fans are male. And hip-hop today is competitive as ever. It isn't attractive for a man to hear a women getting all aggressive on a song, or act all street. Thats almost lesbian. And if a women doesn't want to portray themselves as a sex freak like Lil Kim then what is left? Intellectual lyrics or real life day to day lyrics. All this making it harder for a female to succeed. MC Lyte, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot are all very talented artists. A women trying to make it in hip-hop should look up to these women.


Anonymous said...

I retract the 'that's almost lesbian' line. I don't know what that had to do with anything and don't want to be seen as somebody stereotyping gay women.