Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scarface = Consistency (Random Ramblings)

(pic I took in NY at the studio. he was complaining cuz nobody had brought him a left-handed guitar. he also did not feel like taking pictures... as you can tell by his excited expression.)

Been a couple of weeks, I know. Oh well. You don't come to this blog because I post regularly anyway. Wink.

I had to say something about this new Scarface album, Emeritus. Like Encylopeezia Brown says, every time you get tired of listening to hip-hop, Face drops a new album to make you remember why you ever liked it in the first place. This one comes right in time for Christmas.

I swear, every other day, I say I'm not listening to rap music any more. If it's not already in rotation, I'm not adding it. The shit sucks. And not because of the plethora of overexposed, inconsequential, under-achieving rappers clogging up hip-hop's music drain. I'm just grown, dude. And this genre unfortunately hasn't caught on to the fact that older artists make the best music like rock, jazz and even R&B has. It's like, even if you're 35 you have to still rap like your 19. It's retarded. But I'm being redundant. I said I wasn't gonna complain about it any more.

Anyways, this Face album jams- of course. I love Face because he is for real, the definition of consistency. He's like one of the dudes who I can still listen to the same way I did in '95, and not feel juvenile, immature or otherwise stunted in my growth while listening to him. Can't say that about many rappers... or artists period for that matter.

I've only been listening for a couple of days, but my favorites right now are "Who Are They" feat. Slim Thug and K-Rino (these dudes are really underrated). Also dig the Product song (if you weren't up on the Product and claim to like southern rap, shame on you). "High Note" jams too. Sounds like it could've been on Made-- Face is making love on the track, which is great. I mean, he always had a couple "girl" songs sprinkled here and there ("Goin Down," "Sex Faces," "Only Your Mother," "Heaven") but he's really been on the female tip lately-- and the results have been great. Dude's story telling is topnotch. If you rap and want to know how to make a song about relationships w/o sounding corny or degrading, take note.... speaking of making great relationship songs--what the hell ever happened to Field Mob? But yeah, check the album out should you get a second. Great plantation music.

*Just spotted this... had to come back and post because it went so well with my earlier post.

On a random(er) side note: Make sure you're at Sugar Hill this Saturday (Dec. 6) if you're in Atlanta. I've been looking forward to seeing the Foreign Exchange, Yahazarah, Darien Brockington, Stacy Epps and my favorite indie Atlanta rapper, my boy, Small Eyez for weeks now. This is gonna be a great show-- don't sleep, seriously.


Monk said...

Co-Signage on the missing of Field Mob. "Roni" still bumps on my mix CD I made straight for the scandalous ass....never mind...

I haven't heard the new Face as of yet, but he said some shyt in regards to women (or rather relationships) that has stuck with me since I heard my first Geto Boys tape. The line:

"I treat a bitch like a queen / But she gotta realize I'm the got damn king"

I live by this mantra to this day...not to sound all vulgar and shyt but you know what I mean.

boi-dan said...

but he's really been on the female tip lately-- and the results have been great.

lol, so says the female, of course, but yeah Field Mob is split up for the moment, they both say they have mixtapes coming but who knows. I managed to stan about 50 post LightPolePineTrees features, flow, etc... but I miss those guys together

FireBrand said...

That's a Gillie face if I've ever seen one.

samax said...

Face is the most under-rated emcee on the planet (yeah, i'm from Texas)!

i need this CD! but alas, i have a newborn who eats all my discretionary cash (similac, aw yeaaaah!)
someone should buy it for me for the HollaDays!

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