Friday, December 19, 2008

Poor Lil Kim

Last weekend I was in NY for the Notorious junket (and it was coold as hell. i also got stuck in a very small elevator for an hour and a half and it was quite tragic. i didn't even have an epiphany or memorable flash-back moment like they do on tv and in the movies. mostly i just wanted to GET THE HELL OFF).

Anyways, after seeing the movie, I had one clear conclusion: I feel sorry for Lil Kim.

I never was a Lil Kim fan. Her last album was cool, but other than that, I feel like she's largely responsible for female rappers going the way of the woolly mammoth. But damn, Biggie treated her like shit. I mean, yeah, we all knew that... but seeing even the censored version on the big screen was disturbing. I know Hollywood tends to exaggerate things, but it's a movie glorifying Big and his transition into manhood and it STILL made him look like he treated her like doo-doo-- so you gotta times that by at least 10 to get a better picture. She's like the epitome of an abused woman.

Then, at the junket, she was like the only person with a major role in the movie who clearly had nothing to do with the actual production. Yeah, I'm sure that things aren't exactly kosher with her and Faith-- but Naturi (who played her in the movie) said she didn't talk to her at all during filming and the director said she came by like one time. Wondering if there's not some bitter feelings there?

Anyways, the movie just showed how women, young women, can be manipulated and pressured to do things if they have low self esteem and no overall sense of self. Too bad that like 14 years later, the same thing is going on.

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FireBrand said...

It's sad, really. And what's even sadder is that she now looks like an extra from the planet of the apes. She allowed them to destroy her. Good to see you posting again.