Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RIP JAX (of Binkis Recs)

Just got the news that JAX of Binkis Recs passed away last night. He was rocking a show at Lenny's (and if you've ever gotten to see Binkis live, you know they rock) and he passed out. He later passed away.

I didn't know Jax like that, but I know Craig (Flux) well. Heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to him and the rest of the Binkis fam. The Atlanta rap scene won't be the same.

Life is short. Appreciate what you have.

See a full story on Jax at Creative Loafing.


samax said...

i'm a new big fan of Jax, after getting some mixtapes and a promo materials.
i wrote a review of BINKIS' group record The Reign Begins, and have been working on one for Sharper Images for ghettoManga Quarterly... i've never seen them live (except Youtube videos), but i really enjoyed the spirit they bring to the music.

what a tragedy...

Monk said...

Damn. RIP to Jax and my condolences goes out to his friends , family, and fans.

I did a shoot with them a long time ago and they were really good, hardworking dudes. We just lost a special talent.

Jaz said...

A tragedy Jax was dope and was all about that real Hip Hop, it's a shame he went so young and on this very historic day, Obama winning the election...R.I.P. Jax

djmafioso said...

There will never be another he is my brother from another mother!!