Friday, November 7, 2008

The Foreign Exchange w/ Small Eyez, Stacy Epps and Yahzarah (Dec. 6)

Yay!!! The Foreign Exchange is coming here! This is definitely the bright spot in an already dreary ass day.

Add that to the fact that my girl STACY EPPS (please don't sleep on the Awakening) and my boy SMALL EYEZ along w/ Yahzarah are all gonna be peforming too and you have one helluva show.

Can't wait for this!!

(Tix are $18 in advance, $23 at the door)


Ken @ said...

Dope I will be in the building

Nanci O said...

te & nic did a listening party in durham,nc last week with DJ brainchild from gordon gartrelle radio holding down the tables all night.

free food (im talking food Food not that fru fru sh*t), chill atmosphere & an unpretentious crowd. all for 10 bones. there are a couple pics on my site.

it was the dopest listening ive gone to in my life.

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