Thursday, October 9, 2008

Small Eyez & Nicolay...

My dude Emman "Small Eyez" Twe just recorded this banger of a track with Nicolay, featuring Antonio Dye-- "Soul Incredible."

I've been saying Eyez is destined for stardom for sometime now, and looks like things are coming full-circle for him. '09 should be something serious for him.

And speaking of Nicolay... Foreign Exchange Leave It All Behind became available on i-tunes on Oct. 7. I personally haven't been able to download it yet... but from the sampler it sounds great. Tay says that they are even going on a mini-tour in support of the project, which is great, especially since him and Zo didn't make any rounds with the summer release Tigallo and Zo Love the 80s. Anyways, I pleaded with him to come to Atlanta (well, mostly just suggested) so we'll see.


Eyez said...

i was waitin to hear what you thought about it! :)

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