Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sk8tique, the Cool Kids, Asher Roth, E-40 and Fabby Davis

I'm hella late with this, but oh well. Got some cool pictures from the opening of Sk8tique in Little 5 this past Friday. It was hella hot, but cool. I ran into my boys Spree and later A.Leon outside and shared the feeling that I was in for an evening of semi-pretensiousness based on the line outside of the store. I mean, it was the opening of a skateboard shop, not the return of Visions. But once inside, it was pretty cool.

Speaking of cool... the Cool Kids (yes, that was a corny ass transition) were freestyling with Em, er, Asher Roth. I'm joking about Asher. He's a cool little dude, but damn if he don't sound like Eminem circa 1999... Or now based on Em's latest ditty. Should be interesting.

Chuck Inglish beat-boxed while Asher and Mikey freestyled when the sound malfunctioned

Then, I ran into one of my favoritest rappers, Mistah FAB (mostly because dude is just smart as hell) and my other favorite rapper of all time (aside from Face), E-40 and his big ass Sic' Wid It Chain. Which reminds me...

I was having a discussion with my boy, Bay Area Ali and Encyclopeezia Brown the other week about 40 being recognized at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors next year. Of course, we all thought that it only made sense that 40 be next up to represent for the west coast. No diss, but if they can honor Cypress Hill, surely 40 Wata is worthy, right? Then, I got to thinking. If they're only doing one west coast artist, maybe 40 should be skipped next year in favor of Digital Underground. Dude, Shock G is clearly one of the most underrated artists in hip-hop EVER. Think about all of the things he spawned.... As an old bio of his reportedly said, "he was Andre 3000 before Andre 3000."

Anyways, that was me off on a tangent. Check out some more pics.

Jay Rock and Fab. His eyes may be closed but he knows how to throw up the dub!

Why is Sol Messiah lookin so mean?
Kaos and Sean Faylon