Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scarface Bashes McCain (But not really)

So, I was in NY last week, covering the Hip Hip Honors and I got some Face time with Face. As anyone who reads me already knows-- he's may favorite emcee ever. I think this latest interview I did with him helps to demonstrate why. Now, we talked for a good 30 minutes or so, but of course, editing got it down to 4.

Don't think dude was just randomly bashing McCain. We talked about recent experiences he had in small town TX where racism was not only alive and kicking, but part of the everyday fabric of life there. (Much like in small town Kansas, where my dad still for whatever God forsake reason, still lives). I asked him about his survival tips for the Recession/Depression-- his answer was simple... "stop spending money on bullshit..." That's actually what prefaced his comment about not caring about shoes, cars, etc. The cool thing about Face is, he means it.

Can you name me one song where he brags about how much more he has than his fans/listeners? I can't even think of song where he just mentions his jewels, etc. Why? Simple: There's better shit to talk about. And he does.

Anyways, it was cool to see him playing the guitar too. He's left handed (like all smart people are *wink) and he was playing it backwards. Actually, he was supposed to play the guitar during the Isaac Hayes tribute, but for whatever reason, they never got him a proper guitar to play ("they" being label folk).

Anyhoo, Scarface is the man.


southpeezy said...

you, me, Face, Obama...all left handed...go figure.

Dollarado Jae said...

Not that it matters to any of y'all (JBoogie, Southpeezy, Face, Obama) But I'm left handed too...

It must be our time.. matter fact IT IS our time..

jefferson said...

Scarface is racist as hell then. There goes my respect for him. I just don't understand how he can get away with saying that stuff. Can you imagine a white musician ranting on about how he hates obama the fat lipped, flat nosed, pubic hair head, basket ball dunkin' nigger? Imagine the outrage. Flip it so it's an anti-white race and it's all good though. The irony is that he's trying to denounce racism whilst fully endorsing it at the same time.

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

we don't have to imagine that kind of language being used in reference to black folks-- been there, done that. been there, lynched that. don imus, anyone?

did scarface snap a bit? yes. was he speaking out of emotions instead of giving a politically correct answer, yes. does that make him racist as hell? no.

does that make him any different than the crowds of folks who label obama a muslim terrorist, simply based on his name and what someone else has force fed them? no.

of course a white musician isn't going to go on a rant like that... white comedians do. and get... talked about for like 5 minutes. michael richards anyone?

not saying that hateful words from one race excuses hateful words from another. at all. i'm just sayin. at this point, maybe some harshness is necessary to articulate a point that has been missed time and time and time again by mainstream america.

cue: "By the Time I Get to Arizona"- public enemy

boi-dan said...

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