Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Big Rube and Big Yo- "We Saying the Same Shh"

"We Saying the Same Shhh"- BigYo featuring Big Rube

This is for all the people who miss the quality and creativity of mid-90s southern rap music. You know, all of you folks who came up listening to Big Mike, Mr. Mike, Face, Geto Boyz, Ball & G, UGK, Tela, Skinny Pimp, Outkast, Devin the Dude, Goodie MOB... the cornerstone artists of southern rap music.

It's sad that now, when you think of southern rap, those artists are not the first folks that come to mind. You think more Joc than Cunninlynguist. More V.I.C. than Killer Mike. More (insert random 1-song rapper) than Nappy Roots or Big Floaty.

Anyways, BigYo is from Memphis, and it comes through musically. Plus, any song where Big Rube is rapping is good enough for at least a listen from me.


Nanci O said...

dude i really miss society of soul.
last i heard rube was supposed to be putting out a CD of poetry but i dont know if it ever dropped

boi-dan said...

well put....

you don't hear too many females who have a decent grip on southern hip-hop, refreshing