Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Living Music- Q-Tip, John Mayer, the Foreign Exchange, Duffy

Times is hard. Ya'll don't need me to tell you that. Here's a list of the some of the songs/albums that have been getting me through my days. Happy living.

Psst....(No downloads, google on your own- I'm on the Plantation folks).

Q-Tip-The Renaissance... Dude. This album has got to be one of the best releases of the year. Hell, it just might be favorite, and I've only been listening to it for a couple of days. If every artist that goes on hiatus came back sounding like this, we wouldn't have so many complaining ass bloggers. Oh, and ATTENTION SILLY RAPPERS: This album is a real example of songs "for the ladies." Please take note.

Tell me Raphael ain't the most underrated artist of the 2000s and I'll show you an asshole.

The Foreign Exchange- Leave It All Behind... I'm telling you, don't sleep on Phonte's talents, man. This dude is the truth. Having the ability to go back and forth between writing rhymes and writing full-on love songs takes more ability than you'd think, seriously. Tay gets his John Mayer on (complex simplicity with the writing) and Nicolay's production is so easy to listen to. Man, I listen to this all day on the plantation.

John Mayer-Continuum... I LOVE John Mayer. Seriously, he's the only white boy I know that could get it. I joke. There are a few.

Duffy- I actually don't have this album. And as depressing as it is, I absolutely LOVE "Warrick Ave" (Wale did a good job on his version too) .

John Legend-Evolver- This album has really had to grow on me. But I truly, truly dig John Legend and his cowardly lion-esqe-vocals. Once Again is one of my favorite albums of the 2000s. Anyways.


southpeezy said...

"Tell me Raphael ain't the most underrated artist of the 2000s and I'll show you an asshole." it that serious. asshole flashing? really?

The Fly Guy said...

Damn, I might need to pull back out my J. Mayer.

Monk said...

Duffy's "Warwick Ave." video is my shyt!! I wonder did they intend for it to just be that single shot/take. I think they probably had shot other stuff or planned to shoot other scenes but after watching how powerful that shyt was, they was just like, "Fuck it...that's our video right there."

Just a thought...

samax said...

i definitely agree about Raph. Son is a freakin' HIT machine! he's the juice behind half of my favorite soul songs of the freakin' decade!

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

i know, right? ^^^samax^^^