Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Asher Roth is from the Burbs

Asher Roth is from the suburbs, in case you ain't know. This is footage from the opening of Sk8tique... Still not overly convinced dude is that different from Slim-- not cuz he's white, but cuz he sounds like him... You think?

(Gavin Godfrey on the interview, Andy Dufranse on the chopping, Brian and Steve on the cameras)


southpeezy said...

im not into cuz either, but that it one of the better collection of words ive heard from him.

Dollarado Jae said...

i think dude will be just fine personally.. he can spit.. he's kinda witty.. and he has just as much of a shot as any of these other he doesn't seem to be trying to be anything he's not (black) so as long as he keeps true to himself .. he'll have a chance..

I dont live in the south where there are way more black people than whites.. so I have come to not be so hard on them (white guys).. What would you rather he spit like.. ? he cant do killa mike.. he cant do Jeezy.. he cant do any "D-BOY-trapp" bullshit.. which im tired of us(black people) doing any damn way.. Let the guy do his thing.. my two cents..

Monk said...

I fux with dude and the flow is similar to Em...except for the fact that there is only one Marshall Mathers. Call me a "Stan"...fugg it...I'll be