Thursday, September 4, 2008

My cameo with Lloyd (but not really)

You can briefly see my head in this video. Lloyd is a cool little dude. As much as I wanted to lump him into the soft-voiced, birdchested R&B singer category when he first came out, I just couldn't do it. His shit JAMS. I once drove the last 4 hours of a 12 hour ride to Dallas bumpin the hell outta "g-g-g-g-et it shawty!" and "You."

Anyways. Here's a video the gig did on him, with me cameoing in the background. JJJJYEAH!


southpeezy said...


southpeezy said...

looking again...yeah, i kinda feel dude on giving the fame back...folks are rude. before camera phones people would actually ask for, people just pull out there phone and impose on your time and space. ahahhah. it be a trip how if he were to brush them off, they woulda been mad talking about "lloyd dont love his fans"...shied, it aint even guaranteed that they even bought this mans record. they just wanna be seen with someone they seen on TV.