Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mike Vick Pits

"...I'm the voice of Mike Vick sayin suck my d-ck/treat me like an animal but love them Pits..." -Killer Mike, "I Gotcha"

So, National Geographic is airing a special episode of their show, Dogstown (I'd never heard of it before either), called: Saving the Michael Vick Dogs.

Like, really, dude? How about saving Michael Vick, who last I heard, was holed up somewhere in a Leavenworth, KS prison cell? Personally, pitbulls scare the hell outta me. Even the smaller ones. I just know that at some point they will flip out, chomp down on one of my extremities and not let go.

^^^^^And how much do you want to bet that none of the dogs look like this? ^^^^

Football season is getting ready to start, and of course, there was no better time to pull this very special episode out of the vault. It's sad, dude. I wonder if dude will ever be able to play in the league again. If he is allowed to, he'll definitely have to play for the Oakland Raiders. They're like the Bad News Bears of the NFL.

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