Friday, September 26, 2008

Killer Mike & Yelawolf show

So I was at Killer Mike and Yelawolf's show last night- and realized just a few minutes ago that me and Yela have the same boxers. Cool, right?

Anywhoo, the show was good, even though the crowd was kinda thin- probably because Gripplyz and Supreme's show and Broke & Boujee were all going on at the same time. Nevertheless, Ashanti was ferocious on the violin (that they call a fiddle) and DJ Artime was still spectacular on the drums and the tables. That's why we voted Yela Best Live Hip Hop Act in Atlanta.

Mike's show was great too-- especially his spontaneous commentary. Although I was kinda mad he didn't do my current favorite song on the album- "Gotcha" ("just wakin up like a grown ass man, clutchin my nuts, the world ain't holdin my hand/standin at the window with a rifle in hand, getting my Malcolm X on lookin at this van..."--dope ass opening bars). I was also mad he only did the first verse to my other favorite song, "God In the Building" where he has one of my favorite lines on the album-- "the wages of sin is death, not the chain gang." That's why we voted him Best Local Lyricist.

But anyways it was cool-- great recession music.


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i wouldve most def went to this instead of b n b if i knew