Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gospel Artists and Lame Rappers vs. Posers and Agents

So, the other night I had to cover this gospel event. It was a competition for best choir in Atlanta. Yes, apparently we Christians like to give away prizes for who sings the best for Jesus.

Anyways, I had some encounters with some big gospel stars who were in attendance. Let me just say that they were very stand-offish and self-important. T.I. is far more personable. Killer Mike is far more personable. Big Kuntry, Alfamega and even Bun B (who spends a lot of his time looking like he doesn't want to be bothered- and hell, who can blame him?) are all far more personable. So much for being Christ like.

After that encounter, the next day I was semi-harassed by a popular Houston rap artist not named Bun B, Scarface, Lil Flip, Z-Ro, Paul Wall or Mike Jones. He was upset because of an audio interview the plantation did with another rapper regarding some of his recent activities. Mind you, this was an audio interview-- meaning just the audio was posted, meaning there was no manipulation or sensationalism added on the part of the writer. Why on earth would you call a publication tripping on something someone else said in an interview? Like, really.

I'm so beyond being sick of rappers not named Killer Mike, Phonte, Bun, Scarface, Andre 3000 or Devin. Like seriously dude. The hell is wrong with ya'll? People are so wrapped up in their make-believe, Rapperville world that they've completely isolated themselves from actual reality. They've become the character that they are on wax, and think that everyone should relate to them as such. They've forgotten that for the rest of the free world, hip-hop is just that... hip-hop. Not life.

Needless to say, both of these events had me very irritated. I'm tired of posers. Tired of fakers. Tired of sheep. Then, this morning I came across this video.

Now I have a new word for them. Agents. I'm tired of agents. Wake up or get ran over.


Nanci O said...

that was the realest sh*t i never wrote

ChicaGOrilla said...

Very dope post indeed J. My mentor told me a long time ago the only difference between Gospel and Mainstream is that one says Jesus in their songs more than the other one