Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Female Rap Ain't Dead-- In the studio w/ FEM

When I first got wind that Amil, Rah Digga, Rage Lady Luck and Babs were getting together to work on a project called FEM (Females Earning Money), I was excited. The acronym is a little trite, but I'm really big fan of Rage and I like the rest (except maybe Amil, who I'm not sure ever really rapped). But mostly I'm a fan of women who can actually spit getting together on one project. As I've been saying forever, balance must be restored.

My homeboy, rapper/producer, Big YO, was in the studio in NY with them while they were recording this past weekend. From what he says, their stuff sounds pretty good. I guess Amil is taking on a more behind-the-scenes role and word is Mia X and Bahamadia are going to be recording with them too. Anyways, I came across this video with them in the studio freestyling with Ed Lover (co-executive producer on the project along with Uneek from Bounce Squad) at nahright. Couldn't really tell if Babs was actually freestyling, but Rage and Luck definitely were.

I guess after they left Ed Lover, they went to Harlem to shoot a video. I really hope this project comes out dope. I've been hearing a lot of sneers and jeers concerning it, which is gay. Support female emcees or come out of the closet.


Nanci O said...

fire. please let this project come to light soon. lawd knows the game needs some estrogen in it

samax said...

i like Rah Digga and Rage. Babs was good on that teevee show, what i saw of it.

the fingers are crossed.

Monk said...

No Lyte or Queen La?? Damn can I get a Yo-Yo??