Monday, August 25, 2008

Swagger Like Us- TI

"Swagger Like Us"- T.I. feat. Wayne, Jay Z and Kanye

I thought people had stopped saying 'swagger'? If not, they should. This song is "old"- meaning it leaked Friday--but it sounds like it was recorded many moons ago, not one month ago like T.I. told VH1.

"It's been done about a month," he said. "It was a song that Kanye and I had done first; me featuring Kanye. An idea had presented itself -- 'What if we included these people and made it an event record?' -- and I was like, 'That's a very ambitious idea but a lovely one.' "....Soon after, Hov and Weezy submitted verses. Jay liked the song so much that Tip said it will also appear on Jay's The Blueprint 3 album later this year.

Anyways, I accidentally stopped listening about half-way through this, then had my attention recaptured for a brief second when Tip came on, only to lose it again. And why is Jay making a third Blueprint? One was enough. Really.

I dunno. For this song to have the four most popular dudes in rap music on it, it's not doing it for me. Maybe I'm tripping though. Or maybe I'm getting more and more cynical as I age. Who knows.

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samax said...

"Blueprint 3"..?
God, man! can we get back to actually NAMING the freaking records?