Monday, August 4, 2008

guess who's bizz-ack

It's been a good minute. But guess who's bizz-ack like a good Scarface song?

I have a good excuse for my near month-long hiatus. Ya girl was holed up in South Fulton for a few days-- and it felt like a few months. Any of you who have ever been in the hospital (in critical or intensive care no less) know what I'm talking about. I was going to go into the long dramatic story about what happened and my near death experience, but, eh. Suffice to say, thank you Jesus for my continued recovery. And if you take a lot of Aleve, Ibprofen or aspirin-- stop. Thanks to everyone who called, tried to call, sent well-wishes, prayed, etc. I truly appreciate you. Wink.

Anyways. I was gonna jump back into the game with some cool recaps-- except that I haven't been able to get out like I wanna, or I'm too tired/lazy to blog. I did go to Jabari Graham's and Dubelyoo's Art, Beats and Lyrics the other week ago (make that JACK DANIEL'S A, B+L)-- that was really cool. Also, went to the 2nd show of Nas, Talib and Jay Electronica (who didn't do the 2nd show) last Thursday. That was aiiiight. I did a review that I'll post later. Let's just say these dudes ain't exactly spring chickens any more and that second show may've been a bad idea. Unless you're just a diehard Nas fan, and I ain't, it wasn't nothin to do jumpin jacks over.

Then, I was gonna do a thing about Ludacris' silly ass move to support Obama through a freestyle that called the Manchurian candidate aka Hillary Clinton an irrelevant bitch. But I beat myself to the punch HERE. Yessuh. I's be's back on deh plantation, masssa.

Anywhoo. I did at least come up with a cool link for you to visit: check out THIS LINK. Encycolpeezia Brown has the exclusive weekly first dibs on Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Masacre. Pretty cool.

Also, you should check out Stacy Epps' The Awakening when it drops this Tuesday. Good stuff. Support female rappers, or come out of the closet.

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FireBrand said...

omg. I had no idea. I hope you continue to feel better.