Thursday, August 14, 2008

The East Coast Avengers- "Kill Bill O'Reilly"

Sure, Luda and more recently, Nas let Bill O'Reilly have it on some ditties, but no one is going harder at dude than this group, East Coast Avengers on their very literal, "Kill Bill O'Reilly."
They actually call him, "the worst person on the planet." I don't know about all that. Annoying, evil, arrogant, obnoxious, assholehish, misguided and sickeningly insensitive... yes. But I'm of the belief that worst person on the planet is probably some guy I've never even heard of using his power to control folks like Rupert Murdoch and the Walton Family or something. Call me a conspiracy theorist.

The song goes on to say, "I wanna hurt ya, immerse ya in torture/fuck makin fun of you in punch lines, I'd rather kill your family in front of you by lunch time..."
Yeah, it's a bit much. But I guess the dudes had a point to prove. And you know how rappers gotta sensationalize their points.

Anyways, this song goes hard. Estoreic and trademarc give Bill the business over DC the MIDI Alien's dark, string-heavy production-- and it makes for some damn good recession music, ala Scarface & Cube's "Hand of the Dead Body."

I got a press copy of the album (which drops this October), and from the few songs I've been able to hear on my janky ass work computer, it sounds pretty dope so far. I guess the group got its name from the comic book heroes, the Avengers. Apparently, for a little while, there was a group that split from the main Avengers group to form the West Coast Avengers and fight crime on the west coast. Or something. I really don't know jack crap about the comic book world... but a lot of rappers seem to be on them pretty hard these days. Who knew?

Oh yeah. Also got a chance to check out the new Illa J. Man. I always say that the mid-90s, from like 93-98 were five of the best years in Hip Hop. I always thought it was because I was biased because those were my formative teen years, but based on this record, I may really be on to something. Illa J is Dilla's little brother, and on his album, Yancey Brothers, he's rapping over old beats Dilla made between '95-98. It's pretty jammin ya'll. I'm only on my second listen, so I don't want to give a solid opinion, but I really like what I've heard so far.


ghettoManga said...

the "Worst Person On The Planet" is pro'lly a reference to a bit they do on Keith Oberman's show on MSNBC, awarded daily to whoever gets their idiot on the best that day...
it's kinda like the "just shut up" or "nigga please" awards
BillO wins it a lot.

jacinta said...

ohhh. thanks for the clarification. i don't watch keith oberman a lot. i need to tune in more regularly...