Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recession, Depression...Who Cares?

I keep wondering when the affects of the recession that we're in is going to start really, really hitting people. It seems like folks are in a dream state, where they read about a bad economy, but haven't actually had to react yet. Cats I know are still around here acting as if nothing is going on. To be honest, it worries me.

The other night, I was able to go to Game 4 of the Hawks vs. Celtics series at Philips (thanks, Encyclopeezia Brown). The mood was infectiously jubilant. Of course, it was largely because the Hawks were expected to get swept-- like my Denver Nuggets-- but as I manuveured my way through the happy, shouting, chanting crowd, I couldn't help but wonder how much of that excitement was really just stress being relieved. In times of recession/depression it's been well documented that people, or Americans anyway, party hard.

Poor Americans are already feeling this new Depression. I was reading the Creative Loafing Blotter section the other day and it had a little blurb about how someone was arrested for trying to steal food out of the Food Bank- and the food there is free.

If shit is starting to get bad in the U.S., you already the know the rest of the world is suffering, for real. Haiti is facing a "major food crisis." Has anyone ever thought about how jacked up it is that the only country in the West that freed itself from slavery by revolt is the poorest? Ironic? Don't think so. Anyways, the World Food Bank recently reported that 100 million people in poor country's could be pushed into further poverty because of world food prices.

I guess I'm saying all this to say-- be careful. Think about what you're spending on before you break bread. Think about who else you could be helping out with the money you're spending on the new version of Ninja Gaiden 2 or NBA2k8. Not sayin' you gotta be a hermit, or not to enjoy your hard-earned cash. But you know, just be cognizant of what else is going on in the world, or right around the corner from you.

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Monk said...

I predict things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better. When that "worse" hits, that's when we're REALLY gonna feel it.